Gustaf Alstromer - How to Get Users and Grow

Key insight: Your product is a funnel. Lay down the funnel and optimize each step. Don’t Start growing if you don’t have PM fit. To measure Pm fit: ask: what is the value i deliver to my users? At which frequency? Shelf: objects added and more precisely: objects finished and rated 5 stars with notes DAILY! Then: measure this metric across cohorts . How many objects are shared by those users after 10 days , 20 days , 30 days! If you have P M fit the curve should flatten , not decrease, meaning the users adopt the product ! X axis/days (day 1 day 2 etc) y axis: nb of objects shared per user per day. If decreases steadily: no PM fit. Based on cohorts. See examples! Netflix: 70% retention after 12 months. Again if the curve is decreasing steadily don’t start working on growth. Keep improving the product. Growth is engineered - it is not given. Ex. Facebook went way beyond the 400m predicted. To choose growth actions: calculate return based on cost. EXPERIMENT EXPERIMENT EXPERIMENT. Your product is a funnel -Growth channels. Virality, SEO... SEO: 1. Keyword strategy 2. Optimize Your page 3. Get highly ranked sites to point to you. -Conversion rate optimization Onboarding